Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad

Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad
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Using vaastu shastra principles today means finding solutions that fits in with the modern way of living. Modern life offers conveniences such as cell phones, computers, electric fire and modern furnishings. On the other hand, the natural environment is polluted by the presence of such electric appliances in and around our residence and offices. It is so important to control and manage such harsh energy and bring it back at a harmonious level.

Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad
The principles of vaastu guide anyone to be in tune with his or her environment, which includes interior or exterior space, objects, lights, etc. and explains how this affects one at a mental and physical level.

It is always advisable to use natural wooden furniture instead of steel and glass furniture in your personal environment. Natural fabrics like linen or cotton offer comfort and soothing natural energy.

Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad
Plants represent new beginnings and creativity. They work as an air filter and help in balancing humidity in your home. Avoid thorny plants, which can convert positive energy into negative. Even if you are living in an apartment, plants in a hanging basket on the window, or a planter on the window sill will draw a serene energy.

Hectic work schedules, working during weekends and the pressure of endless work responsibilities has increased tension levels in family life. According to vaastu, every house has a zone of tranquillity. A few minutes of meditation or prayer in this zone helps you to recharge yourself and also enhances the work stamina.

Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad
Pull all the curtains back during the day time to allow natural sunlight to give the positive energy to your house.

Beams, especially above the bed, study desk, cooking top, working desk, etc. are considered bad vaastu. Reposition your furniture arrangement to avoid serious bad luck.

Vastu Consultant Services in Ahmedabad
Electro-stress is vibration energy not compatible to the human cells. When we come in contact with these man-made frequencies from household appliances, cell phones, computers, television, etc., which emit harmful radiations, it affects us. Try keeping them away while you are having rest. Using natural crystals near such gadgets will help in neutralizing the electro-stress.

Paintings and pictures of many popular animals like deer, elephants, horses, etc. also create a positive environment in your house. Avoid using paintings of wild animals like lion, tiger, leopard, etc. inside the home.

Vastu Shastra actually elevates the exisiting theme of your home without demanding too many renovations or reconstructions in modern time also
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