How often should you get AC servicing done in a country like India?

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In a humid country like India, servicing your home or office air conditioner can prove to be a hassle. In India, air coolers and ac units are used for more than 7 months consecutively each year, requiring them to be serviced regularly.  Apart from constant usage, factors like pollution and dust accumulation in India make ac servicing the need of the hour.

Why do you need ac servicing?

All air conditioning systems, whether they’re central ac units, wall mounted or window air conditioner systems, depreciate with time. They may gradually lose efficiency, consume increased levels of power, and require constant repairing due to internal machinery breakdown, draining your income as a result.

Electrician Services in Ahmedabad
The inadequate knowledge of a technician concerning indoor air quality, airside management, energy efficiency and the mechanism of modern machines will harm your air conditioning unit, forcing you to buy a new one almost every year. Now you don’t want that, do you? If you don’t avail regular maintenance and servicing, the performance of your air conditioner may degrade due to inadequate monitoring by a professional. Therefore, expert attention is mandatory, rather than settling for a local vendor or ac repair technician.

How often should you get your ac serviced?

Ideally, regular ac maintenance can span from a monthly basis or once every two months.

Electrician Services in Ahmedabad
Studies have shown that regular tune-ups help a unit maintain up to 95 per cent of its original efficiency. Continual servicing and maintenance of ac units have a lot of long-term benefits too, like the recovery of lost efficiency, savings on your monthly power and electricity bill and reduced repair costs of sudden servicing.

During specific summer months when the usage of air conditioners is high, you can get monthly or bi-monthly servicing, whereas you can avail preventive maintenance checks all year round. These annual checks help identify problems early, thereby cutting your costs.

What does a maintenance session entail?

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The professionals check your entire ac system, repair and replace the internal parts and also calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balanced air cooling. Regular ac servicing Ahmedabad also consists of the changing of filters, mats and fans inside the machine, along with the removal of the accumulated dust and dirt, which may be on the inside as well as the outside. An ac repairman will install only genuine spare parts, which also greatly help in extending the life of your ac unit.

Electrician Services in Ahmedabad

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