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Tips and Tricks For Summer Stains

Laundry Services  in Ahmedabad
Summer laundry stinks…literally!

Its summer time and the last thing I want to do is laundry. If you’re anything like me you might realize that summer laundry might be lighter but we tend to get a bit dirtier when summer hits. Something about all those vacations, parties, and adventures that cause us to want to stay outside over in our laundry rooms slaving over laundry…who would have thought?!?! These tips will help get rid of those pesky summer stains and keep us free to run and play!

Laundry Services  in Ahmedabad


I love gum, but get it on your clothes and you may think “see you later favorite shirt”. Well, take some ice, freeze that gum and it will usually break right off. Your shirt is saved!


Summer is sweaty. Whether you sweat or glow…you HOPEFULLY are wearing some deodorant. This little miracle will often stain your shirts which can be frustrating. Make a mixture of a little bit of dish detergent, a splash of white vinegar, and a dash of water. Mix this up, and press it into the stain with a rag. Rinse with water and blot off the mixture and wash as usual.

Laundry Services  in Ahmedabad


Here comes more talk about sweat. Maybe I am just a sweaty person, but I know that sweat stains are a common problem in our house (please tell me they are in yours as well). It’s simple to make those stains say bye-bye with just some water, baking soda, and some white vinegar mixed together and then soak in salt water. See ya later sweat!


Summer is certainly not for working, but we all need buckle down some days. Sometimes with work comes pesky ink stains (for you younger folks, a pen is that ancient thing that leaves an ink mark when you write with it…not as fancy as your keyboard, but it still gets the job done). When faced with an ink stain massage a little aerosol hairspray into the stains and run under cold water. Presto!

Laundry Services  in Ahmedabad


Yikes! No one likes to deal with blood but let’s face it…it happens. Kids fall, scrapes happen, and blood leads to a good story! When dealing with blood you should soak in cold water and laundry detergent for thirty minutes. Rinse the garment and then pre-treat and stain that remains. Wash in hot water. Your ouchie will be a distant memory!

Laundry Services  in Ahmedabad


It wouldn’t be summer without grass stains. Summer concerts, fireworks, and picnics are all good culprits for grass stains. In order to keep your clothes looking fresh use an oxygen cleaner (think oxi-clean) mixture to first presoak the clothes. Then, wash with your favorite detergent and bleach. After the wash, if there is still a stain, blot with alcohol, rinse and rewash.
Use these tips to keep your clothes fresh and ready for whatever summer brings your way!
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