Four Reasons To Get The Home Painted Before Monsoons!

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Peeling wall paint or faded tones can make even the best kept home look unkempt. What can one do in this situation? A quick paint job would be the ideal solution! Typically, it is important to get the walls painted at least once every 3-4 years. Changes in weather, changing seasons, moisture in the air are some of the causes that can lead to peeling paint.
The best time to get the home painted is before the monsoon, here is why!
Painter Services in Ahmedabad

Tackling moisture in walls
During monsoon, more moisture accumulates in the walls / in the air. A thorough home painting job before the monsoon requires the painters to tackle the problem of accumulated moisture in the walls. A fresh plastering job or paint job can seal the walls and prevent more moisture from accumulating around the walls. This is one of the reasons why you will notice a lot of home owners getting the homes freshly painted right before the monsoon hits.

Painter Services in Ahmedabad
Water-proofing before monsoons
If you choose to put a water-proofing coat (before the paint is applied) it will prevent the usual water seepage and damage due to monsoons too. In the long-term this can protect the home and walls and also ensure that the paint stays unaffected for a longer duration of time.
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Care for electrical fittings
During a thorough home painting job, most home owners (or the painters) tackle the electrical fittings around the house too. Most will choose to paint over the plastic covers of the electric cables. This further helps to prevent added problems due to rise in moisture during the season.
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Walls repainted after rains are prone to more damage
Walls that are repainted after the monsoons are prone to damage because the moisture that accumulates in the walls during the rains will affect the way the paint dries. This is why it is important to consider a paint job before the rainy season. A paint job before the start of the monsoons acts a sort of sealant for your walls. As a rule, no exterior painting job should be done during the rainy season!

Save your home from the rains this monsoon, savetheday with a professional Painter Service in Ahmedabad today!

Painter Services in Ahmedabad

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